Books by Darlene Franklin-Campbell

cupcakecovera copyAvailable on Amazon Kindle. Click here to order. 

When Cupcake McQuade’s husband, the town’s premiere conspiracy theorist, comes up missing, she sets out to find him with the help of Sheriff Daniel Ransom, but she is unprepared for the discoveries her journey will bring her. Available from Autumn Sky Press and on Kindle.

Copy of Touched Cover FINAL 1-29-13 Order Here! Available in print, Kindle, Nook and from multiple outlets.

Frankie Keilman’s mother has his life all planned out. He will marry Liddie McCallister and become a respected minister, but there is a fire in Frankie’s heart which burns out of control when he befriends a bootlegger’s daughter and finds himself dead center in a murderous plot that will rock his small mountain community. Available from Martin Sister’s Publishing and most booksellers, bookstores, and libraries, also available on Kindle and Nook.

I Listened, MommaAvailable in Paperback. Order Here.

When Chippie Pablo’s family moves to Swamp Holler, she discovers that even in the bleakest of winters, there is hope. I Listened, Momma, is the story of a Mexican/Native-American family struggling to survive poverty in the Appalachia of the 1970s.


A collection of some of Darlene’s favorite award-winning poems, birthed by her life in the Appalachian Foothills. Sadly, Casey Shay Press no longer sells poetry books and the only copies of this book on Amazon are priced very high. However, if you wish to order one of the few copies left, you may email the author at and request a copy. The book IS slated to be re-released in 2018 by Autumn Sky Press and will then be available online once again.


Darlene’s first children’s book, with photographer, Rachel A. Warmouth,  Order Here!