Weather Control, It’s All Good, Right?

The following article is merely to inform you, not to persuade you, scare you or coerce you into any action. I merely came upon this speech by Johnson, and it flabbergasted me, so I thought I’d share it. I encourage you to do your own research, trust your own intelligence, and seek your own spiritual path.

“He Who Controls the Weather Will Control the World,”

                                  Lyndon B. Johnson

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In 1962, Lyndon B. Johnson gave a speech advocating the use of weather control as a means of warfare. Click here to listen to Johnson’s speech (1962)



Ironically, it was John F. Kennedy who said that just because we can do a thing it doesn’t mean that we should do a thing. Every advance in technology comes with the double edge sword that whatever can be used for good, can also be utilized for the domination of others, which is the very root and definition of evil.

I promise you that if you trace just about any act of inhumanity to people, it comes back to the desire to have power and control over others, to be “as God,” in a sense. The root of greed is the desire for power. That’s why Jesus said that the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil (intentional harm inflicted upon others).

He Who Controls The Weather Will Control The World – Lyndon B Johnson : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I mean if a group had the power to control the weather, they would NEVER use it to cause harm to people, would they? Surely not. Just look at human history. See how benevolent governments, rulers and people in powerful positions have always been? (Yes, you did detect a hint of sarcasm in my words.)

Remember this saying?Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” Lord Acton 


What if countries could wage war by sending massive tornadoes to wipe out their enemies?

What would it mean if those in power could control a population by immobilizing them with apocalyptic ice storms?

And what if they could induce droughts and high winds, then send lightning storms to spark wildfires?

Now, what if this weather controlling got out of control?

In the final book of the New Testament, Revelation, we read a description of hailstones that weigh over a hundred pounds each. Can you imagine? Is that possible? Not a hundred years ago, but what about in thirty years? What about in ten years? Or what about in three years? What about now?

What could cause such a phenomenon?

The book of Revelation also talks about heat waves so intense that people run to the mountains and cry for the rocks to fall on them. What if someone had an agenda to push so they could instigate global control?

Could they use weather as one means to make it “real?” Could they create a crisis in order to create a solution, a solution that strips every person on the planet of freedoms to come and go as they please?

I guess if a massive wildfire can destroy large swaths of land in a variety of places, including Maui, a virtual paradise island, then anything is possible.


In the 1990s I read a book by a man named Tex Marrs, whom had been a captain in the U.S. Air Force and an instructor at the University of Texas. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I do remember that in it he wrote of weather control as a way to wage war and control populations. He also spoke of AI, viruses as disguised warfare, secret societies, and occultism in high places. I thought he was CRAZY. I closed the book and proclaimed, “He’s a nut case.”

I might have been wrong.

I didn’t like his delivery method. I thought he was harsh and judgmental, but I can’t deny that he DID know some things. The evidence is all around me now, thirty years later.


In 1951, Harvey Brandau, and Wis. Wilton filed a patent with the UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE for PROCESS FOR CONTROLLING WEATHER.
Now, that might not seem like such a big deal. People are always filing patents, but check out this CBS interview from 2013. 

CBS this morning Lasers weather control 2015 – Search (

You can also check out this article from 2014. Scientists think they can control weather with lasers – CBS News


I’m not outrightly accusing anyone of anything but I am inviting you to NOT take everything you see and hear on the news, on Tik-Tok, on Facebook or Twitter or on someone’s blog post, at face value.

Please realize that we’re being gaslighted at every turn, by the media, by politicians (from all parties), by celebrities, by academics, by scientists, by officials, you name it… and it’s happening on all topics, not just this one.

So, what I am inviting you to do is to be alert, to be mentally and spiritually sober, and to be a vigilant guard over your own soul, because the biggest weapon against your soul is deception and a friend used to say, “If you know you’re being deceived then you’re no longer deceived.”

Keep your calm. Trust in the Lord and do whatever you do out of a loving heart with good intentions. And above all, do not be afraid. Walk in love and know that we are more than our bodies. We live forever. When you understand who and what you are, you lose your fear of death which is the ultimate fear and when you have no fear, when you are spirit led, nothing can control you.

Therefore, do your own research. Be objective. THINK for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. It’s fine if you disagree with me, so long as your thoughts and opinions are really your own and not something you’ve been spoon-fed. Again, I encourage you, on every topic that concerns, do your own research.

Remember that old saying, “What’s right is not always popular. What’s popular is not always right.”

…the universe

is forever out of control,

…trying to dominate events

goes against the current of the Tao. (the way of heaven, the Way of God)

—Translator: Stephen Mitchell