Looking for Pork Chop McQuade

Upon the death of her father Cupcake became the caregiver of her mother and sister, both morbidly obese, both perpetually depressed. While her aging uncle, Faucett, tried to give her guidance, she longed for empathy and emotional support. So, she married Bob “Pork Chop” McQuade who turned out to be a conspiracy theorist. Now, her mother is dead, her sister is a recluse, Uncle Faucet has Alzheimers and Bob…well, Bob is missing. In an attempt to find Bob and cling to the last shred of normalacy in her life, Cupcake accepts help from a local sheriff, Daniel Ransom, a man driven by guilt. As they set out to find Bob, Cupcake finds the person who’s really missing in her life, herself.



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Ill Wind, A Review

Cover of "Ill Wind"
Cover of Ill Wind

I just finished Ill Wind by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason. When a criminal jerk with a massive grudge against the human race causes the greatest oil spill in history, scientists and the responsible oil company team up to find a solution, a petroleum eating microbe. However, due to the disillusions of one man, the microbe gets out of hand and pertroleum-based products all over the planet, everything from Styrofoam cups to the wiring inside computers, dissolves. What ensues is a global catastrophe that plummets the world into a post-apocalyptic future. The “fate” of humanity rests in the hands of a small group of scientists, a cowboy and a band of “hippies.”

While I think the book would make a good Kevin Costner-style film, I do not recommend it to folks who are interested in character-based stories as I feel it is  more plot-driven. There is a multitude of characters and sometimes the descriptions can get a little long-winded, meaning it took me several chapters to “get into it” but along about the middle of the novel, things pick up and I started to become more interested in the characters. The sciene in the book makes sense and I found the whole idea of a petro-plague to be a realistic cause of a post-apocalyptic world. If you are a Day After Tomorrow fan, an Independence Day fan or a fan of large scale disaster stories with a huge cast of characters, you will probably enjoy Ill Wind.