About This Blog

“To act with a whole mind, body, and spirit, is to act in harmony with power.”-from The Prophet by Chuck Dickson and Steve Downs

We live in a world where millions of voices are shouting at us, telling us where to go, what to wear, how to think. There is so much noise, but deep inside us there is a longing to be connected to the universe, to our Creator, to each other.

There is a “way” of balance, peace, and harmony, of spiritual growth, mental clarity, physical health and longevity. All of these things are connected and that’s what I discuss in this blog.

I hope you will journey with me as I explore ways to be healthy, spiritual, mindful, connected, creative, alert and alive. It is my wish that we learn together.

9 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. I love reading your poetry..it always sturrs something inside of me. makes me think of anouther time, when i was young. I always come away from reading the poems thinking “WOW”..


    1. Thanks, Doug!

      First, for sending me the newer links and secondly, for visiting my site and thirdly, for the very kind words.

      I’ll get these new links up right away!


  2. Hi there nochipa,this is JasonScotPatrick.You visited my site a few months back and left me some very positive comments.I thank you.I was away for a month in the wilderness of the desert southwest for a period of rejuvination.I then spent the last month revamping my websites and posting new material.Please visit my home page and travel through my expessions at your leisure.If you like what you see then please put a link to my site on your page and pass this along the train/chain of thought.
    Thank you

    p.s. I love your poetry,thank you for sharing.




  3. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I like your blog and what you’re doing. That’s why I nominated you for the Liebster award! I wrote a post about it, you can find all the information on my blog 😀
    Hope you have an awesome day!


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