Love, Love, Love…that’s all there is. Nothing else is real.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on In my story, Looking for Pork Chop McQuade, Cupcake has spent her whole life taking care of others, putting her needs last, pushing her dreams to the side, making herself “dimmer” so that those around her can feel “brighter.” How many of us do that in real life? I’d … Continue reading Love, Love, Love…that’s all there is. Nothing else is real.

Looking for Pork Chop McQuade

Straddled with a ridiculous name that has caused her a lifetime of grief, Cupcake McQuade has spent her whole life taking care of other people. In fact, she has been so concerned about others that she doesn't really know who she is, but she knows one thing--she loves Bob "Pork Chop" McQuade, a conspiracy theorist … Continue reading Looking for Pork Chop McQuade

A Snippet from my WIP

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on “John sought stability,” I said. “He liked to eat, and he liked his life to be predictable and ordinary and he built his entire world around me. I didn’t always appreciate him, you know.” Azariah said, “Sometimes you wanted more?” “Yes, sometimes I wanted more. I just felt so … Continue reading A Snippet from my WIP

This Sacred River Land

Oneida, Tennessee, photo by Connie Hensley In his book, Upper Cumberland Country, William Lynwood Montel talks about a culture that permeates Northern Tennessee and parts of Kentucky that stretches from Adair County at the edge of the Pennyroyal Region across Russell, Casey, Pulaski, Wayne, Clinton, Cumberland and eastward to the Cumberland Gap and on … Continue reading This Sacred River Land

8 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Ancestors

Photo of grave marker for Ella Duncan Wallen. She was not my direct ancestor but was married to a relative of a direct ancestor. I simply saw her beautiful face on this grave marker and read her story on find-a-grave. She and her one-year-old baby died one day apart in 1918 and I couldn't help … Continue reading 8 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Ancestors

Writer’s Blues

The most wonderful part of writing is well, writing. There is such joy in letting a story flow right through you as characters come to life and act out an entire plot line of drama, comedy, suspense, love, relationships, and intrigue. There is something magical about pulling a person from your imagination and breathing "life" … Continue reading Writer’s Blues

Personal Thoughts to Begin 2021

Don't wait for a thing to become reality before you are thankful for it. Be thankful, happy, rejoicing over it's reality and THEN it becomes a reality. Don't try to force life to happen. Make time to be still, to quiet all the voices of the outside world and listen to your own heart/spirit. Connect … Continue reading Personal Thoughts to Begin 2021