17 Signs that you Might be an Empath

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com Empathetic Does Not Always Equal Empath Many people are empathetic. A friend who listens to you is empathetic. A person who lends you money might be empathetic. A stranger who lets you out in heavy traffic is empathetic but being empathetic is not the same as being an empath. … Continue reading 17 Signs that you Might be an Empath

The Turning

Winter Wind howls bitterly beyond the glass barrier, separating me from nature. She threatens, she taunts, "Spring will never find her way here again." She lies. I know that. Soon I will rake my hands through clear water, scoop up tiny snails and marvel at their form before returning them to tranquility. Soon, Brother Sun … Continue reading The Turning