Facts, Truth and Average People

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com FACTS Facts are observable, objective pieces of evidence. If I find a piece of broken pottery I have a piece of something, but I don't have the entire artifact nor a complete understanding of the artifact from whence it came. We could say that the complete artifact is a … Continue reading Facts, Truth and Average People


Just as the physical universe has laws that govern it, like the laws of gravity and thermodynamics, etc., the spiritual universe also has laws that govern it and those laws may or may not always coincide with the laws of the physical universe. However, they will always supersede them. Over the course of the next … Continue reading The Law of COMPASSION

The Turning

Winter Wind howls bitterly beyond the glass barrier, separating me from nature. She threatens, she taunts, "Spring will never find her way here again." She lies. I know that. Soon I will rake my hands through clear water, scoop up tiny snails and marvel at their form before returning them to tranquility. Soon, Brother Sun … Continue reading The Turning