The Way of Light and Love


Darlene’s first book on spirituality.


I want to take a minute to talk about my debut book on spirituality. I’ve combined twenty essays with poems, photographs, songs and illustrations, to expound upon the path that has led me, after years of inner struggle, to a place of inner peace, joy and fulfillment, to a place of light and love.

The research that went into this book has dramatically altered my outlook on life and lifted me to a place I have always dreamed of being–a spacious place of freedom and joy. At the writing of this book, I am happier and more complete than I have ever been. I see the universe through new eyes and have found true joy in the journey as I walk The Way of Light and Love. It is my prayer that you find your path, too, and perhaps my words can be a friend on your journey.

I can’t express the freedom we find when we leave behind our attachments to our preconceived notions and expected outcomes, when we stop trying to force other people to be who and what we want them to be and when we finally get to the place that we place our lives in God’s hands and learn to just let go.



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