I Am

A Mexica warrior woman

bathed brown in sun

obsidian blade in my hand

a cannibal for survival 


a gentle gypsy

dark and sweet,magical

red-dress dancing

and many-bracelets laughing

at shifting shapes in a camp fire’s dying leaps


a hillbilly youth,

innocent as a fawn in dry grass,

peaceful, Earth-knowing

with a Cherokee heart

mountain twang, 


three women wrapped in clay,

bottled in blood and bone,

a collector of skulls,

a counter of hearts

and a giver of grace.     


6 thoughts on “I Am

  1. Nochipa

    i read this work on the board
    and i wondered if it was to be found here
    an lo it is with other works I like

    there is much to be admired in the lines and images
    of this work it has fire
    that I wish to congratulate

    the work also reveals a spirit nature
    that springs out from within
    this I find quite fascinating in the general scheme of conversations
    of my belief to look behind the words of a poet to where understanding
    can be gained as to what forms the poetry

    I like this work a whole lot

    morning I worked in the fields
    this afternoon I am painting


  2. Jack,

    I am so glad you have come to see my work. Thank you very much for doing so and for what you say of it. I agree that “spirit nature” springs from the work of a poet. I do not think any writer is ever far removed from his/her work. I think that when I read a piece and it leaps off the page at me, I don’t care if the poet is famous or if they are ametuer. I don’t care what rules they obey or which ones they break, if it speaks, it speaks and that’s what makes poetry alive to me…I agree with you. It has to be real.

    Thank you again,


  3. good morning nochipa

    there was something in the suggestion of this work
    that has occupied my thoughts
    something that suggested another world perhaps of spirits
    I know I mention that along with fire
    it can be true to say most artists are shamans of a type

    I think of the Mexica
    and the Cherokee heart reference
    those rituals or festivals like day of the dead
    and then I wonder is this the work of a young medicine woman

    sorry just musing

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