New News


All of us have things we feel strongly about. As all of you who frequent my blog know, I feel strongly about the damaging effects of mountain top removal upon the people of Kentucky and West Virginia and upon the land itself. There is something heartbreaking about the death of a mountain, the knowledge that it can never be restored. That is why I am thrilled to share with you that my work will be included in the upcoming publication, COAL COUNTRY. I invite you to check out his link to find out more information about the project.

The Entrapment


Your hair doesn’t shine.

Men won’t like like you.

Buy this shampoo.

Your teeth look old,

faded, this chemical

will make you desirable.

You are too fat.

This diet plan will

help you become—attractive.

Your legs, too much stubble,

purchase this razor.

Bring out your inner diety.

You lack color.

Buy more cosmetics.

Get rid of those spider veins.

Shape up that flappy rack.

See Doctors Nip and Tuck

about plastic surgery.

Oh, there is no place

for women over thirty

or at least those who look it.

You are not good enough.

Eat this fruit.

You’ll be—a goddess.