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If wishes were horses, I’d have a corral full! I wouldn’t have a place to put them unless I also wished for more land and barns.

You see, I have a limitless source which supplies, not only my every need, but pretty much whatever I want, just not always in the way that I expect. Sometimes, manifested wishes are packaged in a box I don’t recognize at first. Maybe it’s a plain box when I expected a fancy one or a blue one when I expected a pink one. Maybe the box is given to me while I’m really busy, in the middle of something. If I’m not careful, I may set that box on a basement shelf and not open it for a long time, then one day, I discover it on the obscure shelf, open it and exclaim, “Wow! This has been here all these years. Right under my nose and I didn’t even know it. I’ve been wishing for this for years!” It’s sort of like when you wear a jacket you haven’t worn in a long time, stick your hands in the pocket and find money that you forgot you put in there. It was always yours, but it wasn’t doing you any good. You couldn’t spend it, because you forgot you had it. That’s the way with wishes.

What is a wish?

The dictionaries all say various renditions of the same thing, that a wish is a desire for something you want to attain, or see come to pass. So, a wish is a what? A desire for something. A want for something. So, when we “wish” we are in essence, praying. Because the Greek word for pray means—ask. So, when you wish, what are you doing? You’re asking.  Wishes spring up out of us, spontaneously. They seem to come from the core of who we are.

So often we’ll wish for something and revel in the daydream of having that wish fulfilled then immediately all the reasons why that can never happen (doubt) assails us. Imagine a girl looking into a mirror, seeing her reflection, even smiling at it because she thinks to herself, “I’m pretty.” Then she goes to school, and someone tells her she is ugly. She immediately forgets how she saw herself as pretty that morning. She forgets the person she really is because she lets someone else’s reality (you’re ugly) dictate her own manifestation, so she walks away now believing she is ugly and living life from the premises of “I’m ugly. I need to make myself better. I need to fix myself.” That’s how wishes work. That’s how faith works. Faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

For example, we may have a moment when we wish for a better car, and for a second, we imagine riding in comfort. The daydream feels good to us, and the energy feels positive, but then “reality” swoops in and steals our good feeling, our daydream, our wish. The reality of what seemingly “is” robs us of the joy of what “could be.” Reality reminds us that we don’t have enough money to get a better car. So, we walk away believing that we cannot get a better car so that our “reality” of now becomes our reality of the future and we get more of the same, of what we already had. But what if we hold the good feeling that came with the car wish? What if instead of thinking of how we don’t have the money to get it we just continue to be thankful for the good car? That’s right. Feel as joyous as if though we already have the car, being thankful for the old car but continue to daydream about the new one. Don’t complain about the old one, because complaints are like doubts and they keep us rooted in lack and not enough and past failures. Complaints call reasons for further complaints to come into our lives. So, we continue dealing with cars that are “less than” what we really want or need.

Wishes ride on positive energy and if you don’t follow it with negative thoughts, telling yourself all the reasons it can never happen, then it will eventually manifest in your life, way or another. Worry is the opposite of wishing, because it’s kind of like a reverse wish, a dread of what might happen or that you might now get what you want or need.  

So often, I have made wishes, in passing then gone about my day, only to have the wish come true a little while later, surprising and delighting me. For example, I may have walked by a jacket in the store and thought, “I wish I had a jacket like that.” Then I would go on my way only to have someone give me the same type of jacket later in the week!  It was a little thing, and I had no follow up thoughts of “You’ll never afford that jacket.” I simply thought, “I would sure love to have a jacket like that.” Then went on about my business and forgot that I even wished for it! Now, if that works for a jacket, it will work for ANYTHING. I’m not the first person to think such a thing! If we have the I AM spirit, the Father, the Source, the Great Spirit, the Creator, within us, we can ask for (pray or wish) ANYTHING and because we have the same authority (access to the source of supply) as Jesus, it shall be given to us, done for us. (John 15 is only one of many places where this concept is addressed in the New Testament.)

Here’s the kicker. If this process works positively, it also works negatively.  So often things that are evil, out of align with I Am’s perfect plan for each of us, seem to flourish because we don’t realize that we can tap into a source that will halt these evil plans that others have laid for our lives. It’s not by negative thoughts and words that we do this. It’s not by giving in and complying. It’s not by accusations or anger or rendering hatred for hatred, unkindness for unkindness, lies for lies. No, it’s by holding our ground, keeping our joy, refusing to let the “what if’s” and the “but…but…buts…” infiltrate our spirits. It’s by feeling as if though the thing we wish for has already been granted regardless of what we see or experience in the present.

Kids know about wishes. They will randomly ask for things, without considering the conditions it would take to make their wishes come true. They only imagine the results of their wishes. A wish doesn’t have to make sense, be grounded, be logical, or be justifiable. A wish is like laughter, spontaneous and existing in and of itself.

All the riches of the spiritual universe are ours if we can view it like a child, without limits and if we can see I Am as a loving parent, who not only claims us (see previous blog posts for this reference) but WANTS us to have abundant, joyful lives. It’s in the spirit realm that all good things exist and are waiting for us to wish them into existence in this temporal, physical one.   

Wishing is spontaneous asking. Last week I talked about how prayer isn’t some big, long ritual that you do or some formula that you speak. It’s merely asking. Well, so is wishing. Therefore, when a wish joyfully emanates from your deepest self, and isn’t followed by all of the baggage of past failures or dread of future failures, then the possibilities are limitless.

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